We (Conall Downs & Peter Donnellan) are making a variety of products together.
The first thing produced is a calendar for 2018, there is info about it below and a link to buy it.

Unfortunately the life-focus.net website has crashed due to the entire internet trying to access it, but it will be back up and running very soon.

In the new year we will be uploading weekly content and other things we will be making. Look forward to all types of different products and collaborations.

Calendar for 2018

We have made a calendar

Buy the calendar here at our shop

We are selling a calendar to accompany you through 2018
A calendar made with collaboration between

Life Focus (Conall) & Also Studio (Peter)

If you buy this calendar maybe it will make you smile when you look at one of the funny drawings or it will look nice on the wall in your kitchen or be helpful in organising a dinner party in March or it could just be helpful to remind you its not 2003.

The calendar uses 100% recycled paper.

It was nice to make and we laughed a good few times while making it.Enough about us!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and joyful 2018.